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Tue, Sep. 23rd, 2008, 12:40 am
_53: First Critical Mass Ride in New Delhi

New Delhi's gonna have its very first Critical Mass ride on Friday night!


Yes, the site looks like ass. But it's being worked on. Cycling fanatics are running around putting up posters and working on T shirts and whatnot.

Delhi got its very first bicycle lanes as part of an overhaul on its hellish traffic and congestion, coincing with the launch of its new modern mass transit rail. Unfortunately Indian traffic being the psychotic anarchy on wheels that it is, motorcyclists and autorickshaws run on the new cycling lanes too and as usual no one's doing anything about it. This is just one of the many issues the Critical Mass ride hopes to address.

It won't be your typical Critical Mass ride, more of a friendly, organized initiation to point out to Delhi that bicycles are a form of transport, are healthy, and are a fantastic and practical solution to the horrible congestion and traffic we see here everyday; and combating a very Indian stereotype that bicycles are a form of transport only for the poor and desperate who cannot afford a motorcycle or car.

This may not be relevant to like 99.9% of you guys reading this but I thought it was so awesome I had to post and share.